Craving for local food

Woke up one morning with a deep hunger pang after dreaming about gorging on those luscious deep brown Hokkien noodles. After being away for 4 months, am now feeling a wee bit homesick and longing for the comforts of family, friends, glorious food and natural heat from the sun!

And so, here I am surviving a COLD day at home (max temp at 5°) while drawing up my Top 10 Food Cravings (in no particular order)

#1 – Hokkien Mee laden with crispy lard and partnered with hot sambal belacan

#2 – Sup Kambing, heavy on the spices and plenty of tender meat pieces

#3 – Prawn mee & Pork noodles at O&S Restaurant, PJ

#4 – Tong sui stall @ weekly Subang pasar malam

#5 – White Coffee with Kaya & Butter toasts in Ipoh town

#6 – Savouring Banana Leaf Rice with fingers

#7 – Freshly prepared Chapati and Thosai over hot steaming cup of rich teh tarik

#8 – Char Kuey Teow using duck egg in Penang

#9 – Bak Kut Teh with oily rice and plenty of ribs

#10 – Cheap variety of Seafood at Bukit Tambun and Kota Kinabalu

Will be looking forward to returning home to enjoy all these food, unless my dear friends can bring over freeze-dried versions in the next few months (hint hint!). Until then, it will be cold sandwiches for lunch and quick pasta meals for dinners.


About Wye Yim

Wye Yim is just any ordinary Malaysian gal, who have been bitten by the travelling bug and searches for the next adventure thrill. Having done 6 years in a corporate world, she has abandoned her suits and heels to embark on a journey to work in the outdoor industry and fulfill her passion to travel the world.
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3 Responses to Craving for local food

  1. mortdevol says:

    Makan! Makan! I’m eating your share for you!!

  2. mortdevol says:

    ps – new banner pic not very good la.

  3. Philters says:

    here’s a link that is make you crazy!


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