Project for Amusement

Lamenting on how I am taking London for granted as I settled into life here, decided it was time to jump-start my curious self again with a photography project together with a good friend of mine from home. For the month of Jan, the theme was “Streets” and I have decided to explore the wonderful graffiti / street art around town.

Interestingly my search came at the time when Banksy became news item when a piece of his work was auctioned off at over $200k on Ebay. Armed with some directional aids from google maps, my search took me towards Old Street and Farringdon Road. Both interesting areas: Old Street best ventured in broad daylight and with little valuable possesions.

Definitely will try to continue my search in the next few weeks with better weather to come. Meanwhile, will await then for the Feb theme to be decided upon.

Flower Painter
One of Banksy famous work along Pollard Street. It was THE piece that took me through streets from Old Street tube stop. While finding this piece, discovered the signages for Columbia Road Flower Market which I returned to source for my gardening project.

Cash Machine Grab
Another of Banksy notable piece along Farringdon Road. Enjoyed walking the streets here with all its little shops, restaurants and cafes.

Irony in big bold letters!

Painted Tube Car
Interesting finding these discarded Tube cars strategically placed on top of a building. Saw there were steps leading from ground level, probably people have made it their home / office?

20 plenty
Found these street signs outside a huge Bingo hall. Wondered if the 20mph limit was to prevent those poor gamblers from hurtling themselves in front of passing cars / buses in their suicide attempts?

Sex Overkill
Didn’t expect to find such a huge piece of painting hanging at the side of an office building, especially since the piece depicted a man resting in the bosom of his lover either dead or exhausted from a long night.


About Wye Yim

Wye Yim is just any ordinary Malaysian gal, who have been bitten by the travelling bug and searches for the next adventure thrill. Having done 6 years in a corporate world, she has abandoned her suits and heels to embark on a journey to work in the outdoor industry and fulfill her passion to travel the world.
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One Response to Project for Amusement

  1. mortdevol says:

    i like how you translated it to ‘exhausted from a long night’

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