Start to a Great Year ahead

Kick-started the year by being more domesticated than I’ve ever been since uni days. Month of Jan saw me ushering the new year in the comforts of home, shopping for fish and trying out my green fingers.

Was supposed to head down to London Eye to watch the annual grand fireworks. Somehow laziness and light showers grounded me at home. Instead spent a cosy evening ushering in the new year with Aud & Jos and watching on tele all the poor souls who are cold and wet as they waited for the fireworks.

Jan 1st became Ikea day as us flatmates spent the afternoon constructing a new wooden cabinet in the living room to house all the Korean / Chinese drama VCD/DVD box sets my flatmates have accumulated. Do admired the precision which has gone into making the manual, complete with simple diagrams and even pic and qty of every screws, bolts, bits and pieces that went into making this cabinet stand. Imagine the size of the publication dept Ikea has responsible for churning out all these construction manuals for all their products.

Ikea Cabinet

Ikea Cabinet 1
(Me with finished product)

After 6 months being here, I finally managed to drag myself to Billingsgate Market to check out one of the largest fish collection in UK. As the market opens from 5am-8.30am, most of the good stuff are gone by 7.30am onwards. Met up with Angie at 7.10am near market entrance and gulped some strong coffee to jolt my body awake since a 5.30am morning call was donkey months ago. Amazingly saw plenty of people making their way home already with bagsful of produce, and we were just passing through the entrance.

Produce market has always been one of my favorite destination whenever I travel. Vibrant colors of vege and fruits, exotic seafood, boisterous traders harping their goods and lovely smells of good food. Billingsgate was indeed exciting since I have not seen so much variety of fresh seafood at decent prices in UK. Most of the seafood encountered are either frozen or nicely filleted in supermarkets.

Ended the morning with 2kg of fresh mussels, 1 sea bream, 5 sea bass and 2 huge salmon heads (50pence each). Would have greedily bought more, but remembered the limited freezer space back home. Definitely will return during summer to grab more seafood for a big BBQ cookout with friends.

Couldn’t remember when it was the last time I had to personally gut & clean fresh fishes. Too pampered by the fishmongers back in M’sian market! It was awkward at the start dealing with all the innards and blood – many know me for being quite squeamish at the sight of blood. Nevertheless it became easier and quicker after the 2nd fish. Know Pelita would knocked me over the head with a huge pan for my turtle speed and clumsiness at handling all those fishes.

Final domestication project was semi-completed today, as I finally planted some spring flowers in our bare garden. After staring at the naked ground & trees all through winter, decided that some color will bring back some cheer into the garden and household. Spent 2 of my off days weeding out and loosening the soil compacted through the winter days. Bought some nice primula and tete-a-tete from the Columbia Road Flower Market last Sun and planted them in this morning. Next project will be picking out which vege / herb to plant in the remaining garden patch. Always loved the idea of running out to the back garden and picking fresh herbs for cooking…….yum!



About Wye Yim

Wye Yim is just any ordinary Malaysian gal, who have been bitten by the travelling bug and searches for the next adventure thrill. Having done 6 years in a corporate world, she has abandoned her suits and heels to embark on a journey to work in the outdoor industry and fulfill her passion to travel the world.
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One Response to Start to a Great Year ahead

  1. mortdevol says:

    Domestication – Practising to be a mummy??? lol!!

    herbs – oregano, basil, mint, thyme, rosemary. if possible try curry leave. now that will be interesting!!

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