Do it ! Outdoors Showcase

Managed to escape up north to Birmingham for the Ordnance Survey Outdoors Show last weekend. Probably one of the few females who would go out of the way to check out the latest in outdoor gear trends, rather than fashion, home furnishings etc.

The exhibition was geared towards the general public, so it was more the conventional big names in the outdoor scene showcasing their products. It was a potpourri of operators, ranging from tourism boards promoting adventure destinations and Royal Marines Commando to Canon outdoor cameras and Shewee (female urinating funnel)

Had the chance to check out some nice gear from various gear manufacturers. Favorites include Vaude tents & packs, GPS from Garmin and Satmap and Montane clothing.
baby tent
(Baby tents from Vaude for kids – wonder if there will ever be a consumer demand for it in M’sia?)

Highlight must be witnessing the Skymasters Challenge – awesome wall structure built on a horizontal truss suspended 30ft above the ground. Both female & male climbers competed in their own category to beat the clock and climb across to reach the Ford truck suspended at the end. Breathtaking seeing how the climbers traverse magically across – I can imagine how terrifying it must have felt to be so high up there with nothing but a rope to keep you alive!

(Panorama view of the Skymaster Challenge construction – not too bad for my 1st Photostitch pic)



(Skymaster Challenge – climbers in action)

Some other interesting showcases were the radical CubeCourse (self supporting high rope course), coconut climb challenge and slacklining. Only managed to try out slacklining, as the other 2 were geared towards the children and families. It was not as easy as it looked – salute to Ash (guy I knew from work back home) who practically danced on a crude slackline we created in the gym.


coconut climb
(Foreground – Rotating Climbing Wall and Coconut Climb in the background)

(Slacklining – exhibitor used bananas with special stamps as ingenius marketing tool)

Going to the exhibition somehow reaffirmed my passion for outdoor gear – wonder if one day i may find myself a job traveling round the world promoting these products? Won’t even be a job for me – will do it at peanut wages for the opportunity to test out new kit!


About Wye Yim

Wye Yim is just any ordinary Malaysian gal, who have been bitten by the travelling bug and searches for the next adventure thrill. Having done 6 years in a corporate world, she has abandoned her suits and heels to embark on a journey to work in the outdoor industry and fulfill her passion to travel the world.
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One Response to Do it ! Outdoors Showcase

  1. czemien says:

    you should apply to the outdoor equipment manufacturers. who knows, the job just may land on your lap. hear Pel will be making her way to Europe n will be meeting up w you. you gals hv fun!

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