9 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was our final stop before returning back to London. Didn’t really have much plans drawn up for this last leg since we were counting on PS, our host to show us around. Anyway, we were quite tired from traveling by then and not fussed in checking off attractions from a list of must-see.

We were content just relaxing at PS’s apartment, cooking and enjoying dinners with endless supply of beer, and cycling all around the city for a quick overview of the sights. With 4 nights there, we were in no rush to race off and get things done.

Managed to escape out to Roskilde for a day trip with our bikes on Sunday. Our 1st stop was the Viking Ship Museum, where we came just in time to watch the BBC documentary showing the historic journey of Sea Stallion from Roskilde to Dublin. The inspiring documentary showed the daily struggles of the 65-person crew as the reconstructed Viking ship successfully sailed across over a period of 1.5 months.

(Sea Stallion which has made the return journey from Dublin to Roskilde. It’s being housed at Viking Ship Museum)

As it was a warm & sunny day, we decided to spend more time cycling along the coast of Kattinge Vig. Found a nice spot looking out to sea and back towards the town of Roskilde whilst we soak up the sunshine. PS mysteriously found a bottle for making bubbles in her bag, and we spent quite some time blowing bubbles and watching it float away across the green field and up to the sky. The simple pleasures of life!

(PT showing off her bubbles blowing skills at Roskilde)

My personal highlight from Copenhagen was none other than the tour of the Carlsberg Visitors Centre, home to the old brewery. The walking tour took us around the history of the company, people & process involved with brewing the beer, stables for the Jutland horses which used to pull the cart filled with beer kegs for distribution and finally the bar where we managed to sample some of the best beers produced by Carlsberg.

Before the beer sampling, we actually went through a simple test of finding which of the 20 aromas appealed to our senses by sniffing the test bottles. From the results, we could identify the type of beers that we would prefer because of its base aroma. Found out that I was drawn towards oak and toasted bread, which explained my preference for darker and malty beers.

Between the two of us, we were sipping 8 different types of beer from Carlsberg, Tuborg, Jacobsen and Semper Ardens. I never knew a simple beer could take on so many types of different flavours. With reluctance, we left Carlsberg pretty high and happy to catch our late afternoon flight out. Wonder if it was an offense to cycle under the influence of too much alcohol?

(Showing off our beer sampling at the end of our Carlsberg brewery tour)

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