2 – Munich, Germany

Without a doubt experiencing Oktoberfest in full action was the highlight at Munich. The festival site was a collection of 14 big beer halls, food stalls and plenty of amusement rides & games to keep revellers entertained.

Good idea to visit the beer halls early to secure a table space. PT, PS and myself went after dinner one night and had to struggle through several busy beer halls before finally finding an empty table space at the Ochsenbraterei hall. Older crowd of people being entertained by the resident band playing a mixture of classic rock songs. No complaints, since the other main halls were jam-packed with sweaty drunk people and filled with cigarette smoke.

The three of us were pretty happy by then, especially since we have been enjoying our Bavarian beers since mid afternoon. We had a chilled out session at Chinesischen Turm, large beergarden situated in the middle of the English Garden. It was here that our beer expert, PS enlightened us on the differences in the local beers and how to tell if a beer is fresh with a clean tissue paper! Found the weisse (wheat beer) simply awesome and full of flavour.

(Enjoying Bavarian beers at Chinesischen Turm beergarden, English Gardens)

We followed up with more selection of bottled beers during dinner back at hostel over more sausages and roasted pork. I was then introduced to Baltika, famous Russian beer that uses numbers from 1 to 9 to denote their different flavours. Another great beer label to get your hands on, especially no7.

After so much beer, and another giant 1litre glass inside the Oktoberfest beer hall, it was definitely a challenge to stand upright on the narrow, long benches without falling over. There were also moments where we joined in the fun of dancing and jumping on the benches, as we followed the locals in their dance routines in accordance to different songs.

(Festive mood inside the Oktoberfest beer hall)

(Group pic with PS & PT with our giant beer mugs)

Accommodation – Easy Palace Hostel http://www.easypalace.de (clean and located so closely to the Oktoberfest site)

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