Broga Hill

It has been ages since I last went outdoors with my family. So it was quite fun to spend the past 2 days of the Hari Raya hols exploring the easy nature trails close by to Klang Valley.

Main highlight was walking up Broga Hill on Monday morning. Have heard much about it, so was eager to check it out. Probably the same thought was running thru the minds of the many walkers that morning when we arrived at trailhead nearby rabbit farm. Luckily we came much later, so the journey up was less congested as most of the walkers were on their way down.

What struck me about Broga Hill was its vast grasslands covering most of the hill. Sight more commonly found in the hilly terrains of England, the landscape seemed to be the perfect setting for a Bollywood love scene. Which is probably why more of the people there were mostly busy taking photos rather than the usual walkers.

Reaching to about 400m, the walk up only took about 40min at a leisurely pace. Being open with steps cut into the steeper places, the walk is definitely very kid-friendly for families wanting to expose their kids to the outdoors. 

Probably may return for a next visit to either see its glory during sunrise or sunset. Not really the place to work out a sweat.

Broga Hill

(Looking to the trail highest point from 1st top)

Broga Hill

(Looking back at the walking trail from the highest point)

Broga hillside

(Along the walking trail looking at the hilly terrains around us, forming the natural border between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan states)


About Wye Yim

Wye Yim is just any ordinary Malaysian gal, who have been bitten by the travelling bug and searches for the next adventure thrill. Having done 6 years in a corporate world, she has abandoned her suits and heels to embark on a journey to work in the outdoor industry and fulfill her passion to travel the world.
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