Finally…..Beach Holiday at Lang Tengah

I have been craving for a proper beach holiday for the longest time. The last seaside escapade for me was at Croatia in Jul’08. So it had indeed been a LONG deprivation for a sun-loving creature as myself.

Joining me on this short weekend trip was 5 other single ladies – a road trip since we decided to minimise our carbon footprint. Would have been a man-hunting escapade – but due to lack of available men at island, we had to amuse ourselves with plenty of beer and peanuts instead.  And the challenge to converse totally in Mandarin throughout the trip was abandoned, but not totally. Some Chinese words were learnt – “Pee Ku” for instance was the catchphrase.

And so at the unGODly hour of 3am, we departed from PJ in a 7-seater car. I was very tired, so quickly grabbed the seat at very back so that i can snooze away with bags around me. Luckily I was sleeping most of the journey to Merang jetty (about 6-7 hours driver away from PJ) – we definitely tested the speed limit of the car as we burnt rubber on the highway.

We arrived at Merang jetty in time for our 11am boat ride across to Lang Tengah island. Even had time in between for a proper breakfast nearby local market where we chowed down nasi minyak & kerabu.

Our hotel was called D’Coconut Lagoon Resort, supposedly one of the better resorts on the island. Not much complaints, our rooms were decent with ground-level balcony leading towards the swimming pool and right next to the dive shop. Food was so-so…..but really can’t expect much when you are on an island with all produce shipped in daily.

(Our rooms were located on the ground level, whilst common dining & reception area was on the upper floor)

We were too tired and lazy for our snorkel trip for our first day. So opted instead to walk along the sandy beach and find a spot to lay down. Most of us were still suffering from the lack of sleep due to hectic work schedule leading up to our early Fri morning departure.

Thanks to CM & PY, our 2 booze nights have been planned out properly with adequate supply brought with us. Night #1 was Beer night – combination of Carlsberg and bottled German & Belgium beer. Night #2 was for Wine appreciation. Good timing since we had fun drinking games with the beers and more deeper conversation during 2nd night as we savoured our wine in the open balcony. Life is good!

Had a nice beach scramble and walk on Sat morning by myself. 3 our my friends went on a scuba-diving session, while another 2 loved sleeping too much. Walked to another beach section further north where the other resorts were located. It was awesome walking barefoot along the white sandy beach, and feeling the warm sea-waters with my toes. The times i have been at seasides whilst in Europe were spent with cold sea waters or pebbly beaches.

(Rocky sections leading to our private beach section)

Sat mid-morning was probably the best moment during this short trip. We found a nice cozy beach section closed off on both sections with rocks – our own private beach. Much time was spent enjoying the warm clear waters, especially since it was around noon-time. If we were in a non-Asian country, probably we would have been skinny-dipping in the sea instead…..yes, we are still shy Msian gals in home soil.

We finally took up on our resort snorkelling trip offer later in the day. It was awesome, but tiring as we went to 2 sites. Lotsa colourful fishes, but the corals were mostly dead due to its proximity to the beach & human contacts. Diving spots are supposedly much better, according to my diving friends. Gave up snorkelling towards the end, since i was struggling too much with the salty waters leaking into my mask and up my nose.

Definitely enjoyed the quietness of Lang Tengah, as compared to the other more popular island getaways eg Perhentian or Redang. Amazing that we have a resort filled with people whom we only met during meal-times and snorkelling trips. Don’t really see them around during the rest of the time. Plus no loud music & drinking parties polluting the serenity of the night.

Our beach adventure didn’t end at island itself. During our drive back on Sunday afternoon, we were caught in a 4-cars accident nearby Kuala Terengganu. The car infront braked suddenly, which we crashed into and caused 2 others at the back to join in the commotion. Amazing how our accident was coolly handled by all 4 car occupants – which will never ever happen in KL or other major cities in West Peninsular Malaysia.

However the drama was prolonged since one of the cars involved was a government car, hence more paperwork & bureaucractic procedures. And so, our beach weekend getaway ended up with a dampening note. Part of the group departed on public buses on Sun night from Kuala Terengganu, while me & another friend stayed back so that we can get the car properly inspected by the govt on Mon morning before driving it all the way back to PJ for its repair.

Anyway…..i am thankful for the wonderful experience spent with great friends. And also thankful that only the cars were hurt in the accident, and no injuries were sustained. Only if our betting numbers came out in the lottery, we could have afforded to return for another beach holiday – this time we shall fly instead!


About Wye Yim

Wye Yim is just any ordinary Malaysian gal, who have been bitten by the travelling bug and searches for the next adventure thrill. Having done 6 years in a corporate world, she has abandoned her suits and heels to embark on a journey to work in the outdoor industry and fulfill her passion to travel the world.
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