Pahang – State filled with Surprises

This is part 3 of the Road Trip II – East Coast

Pahang being the largest state of Peninsular Malaysia, encompasses large areas of rain forests and home to its highest peak, Gunung Tahan at 2,187m, the famous Taman Negara (National Park) and Cherating Beach.

During this trip, we visited 2 places that many people will not seek out in Pahang immediately – Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Sg Lembing town.

Kuala Gandah elephant sanctuary ( was initiated 1989 as more and more elephants encroached into human settlements because of deforestations. The elephants are moved to this safe sanctuary to heal and grow bigger before finally being released back to the wild again.

Shamefully we Malaysians have always taken our wildlife for granted. This sanctuary is a good place for one to come up close & personal to learn more about these mammals. To learn many interesting facts about elephants – they have 1 molar on each side of its jaws which gets replaced as the elephant grows older (up to 6 sets), or that they don’t have sweat glands and require water baths or swaying with ear flapping to distribute heat away.

There is the contained area where visitors can feed the younger elephants age about 4 years, and specific feeding times for the bigger adults (check website for updates)

Kuala Gandah feeding

(Feeding the younger elephants at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary)

Sg Lembing was a delightful visit to cap off our road trip. On the way to the small town, we stopped by Sg Pandan waterfalls and were rewarded with an amazing time there. There was a huge shallow pool at the bottom of the falls, but the best experience was getting free water massage by the falling waters.

Coming back to Sg Lembing, it is now a sleepy town in comparison to its tin-mining heydays. This area was the 2nd richest tin deposit in the world after Bolivia, and also once the world’s deepest and longest underground mine.

Nowadays, the town is still frequented by visitors because of the famed Rainbow Waterfalls, where one will always see a rainbow there daily around 10am and the Panorama hill for the 360° view during sunrise. And not forgetting the delicious Sg Lembing tauhu made from the local spring waters.

We arrived at Sg Lembing after 1pm, so we missed out on all the 3 attractions for this place. But fret not, we did have a wonderful time exploring the Sg Lembing Museum housed inside a former tin-mining manager’s house on top of the hill. The displays inside was insightful to inform visitors more about tin-mining and the history around this area. The bonus was the awesome view of the town below from the museum.

Sg Pandan waterfall

(Sg Pandan waterfall with its colourful tiers and great water massages at the bottom)

Sg Lembing Museum(Looking down at Sg Lembing town from the Museum grounds)


– We only camped a night within grounds of a resort along Cherating Beach. Heard of several resorts along this long stretch of beach which will offer camping facilities, but we arrived too late into the night to survey the sites.

– According to our local Kuantan friend, it is possible to camp along Teluk Chempedak beach which is close by Kuantan itself. There are 2 other beaches, walking distance from the crowded main beach which are more quiet & suitable for camping. Most ideal is the 3rd beach which is further in about 15-20min by foot.

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