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7 Great Reasons to visit Bario Sarawak

Bario is located in the Kelabit Highlands at the northeastern corner of Sarawak. Because of its average elevation of 1,000m above sea level, the word Bario means “Wind” in the local Kelabit language to represent the cool weather. It is … Continue reading

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Laos – Land of Million Elephants or Smiles !

“Same same, But Diferrent” Popular saying, which is also emblazoned on many souvenir t-shirts found in Laos. It is a country similar to its neighbours of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in terms of religion, language and taste buds. Nevertheless, this … Continue reading

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Road trip I – North West Malaysia

Jan 3-6th Our road trip started with no particular destinations in mind – we aimed to see as much of the Malaysian north western states in 4 days on mostly backroads . We ended up with a  journey of 1,570km … Continue reading

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Walking till I drop at Emei Shan

Emei Shan / Mt Emei (峨嵋山) is a very popular destination for the local Chinese, as it is one of the 4 famous Taoist mountains in China. Located about 150 km south of Chengdu, it is easily accessible via public … Continue reading

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Cesky Krumlov – Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations

“Let the Games begin!” Something along that line was announced in Czech when the appointed VIP officiated the opening of the 3 days celebrations of annual Five Petalled Rose Celebrations. And I had the wonderful opportunity of being here for … Continue reading

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Julan Waterfalls

The attraction of exploring a pristine jungle terrain heading towards Julan waterfalls, which has only been visited by few people even amongst the locals, was too tempting. And so began my week-long journey to Miri, Sarawak with the Malaysian Nature … Continue reading

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Malaysia – Home sweet home

          (Finally found a day with blue skies to venture KL – Bangunan Abdul Samad completed in 1897)       It has been about a month since I returned back to Malaysia from UK. There … Continue reading

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